Hotel and Convention Centre Facility

Ownership Group finds a cost-effective solution to mitigate interior damage.

With ongoing leaks damaging interior finishes and passageways a partial roof replacement and re-work to an old HVAC system project was carried out to minimize overall costs during COVID-19 restrictions but ensure the Owner’s limited operations could continue.  


  • Identification of roof repair or replacement options.
  • Re-work to the partially redundant HVAC system and ductwork.
  • Ensure minimal disruption to facility guests and employees.


The Hotel and Convention Centre located in the Collingwood, ON area had been experiencing significant internal finish and wall damage due to water infiltration around the stairwell and elevator shaft. After in-house repairs failed to eliminate the leak, the Owner was looking for concise and professional advice to remediate the leaks.  Due to the complex nature of the roof area in which the leaks were occurring, a comprehensive investigation was launched and included:

  • A thorough review of the historical leak history.
  • Visual condition assessment and on-site inspection of the existing conditions.
  • Full systems review of the HVAC, mechanical, and control components.
  • Thorough written technical report of all findings and preliminary design options for roof remediation.
  • Presentation Proposal outlining various options and scopes to the Owner.
  • Prequalification of Roofing and Mechanical Contractors prior to Bid Issuance.
  • Development of Design and Bid documents outlining best reroofing option.
  • Execution and oversight of the Bidding and Tender Phase with qualified contractors.
  • Overall project oversight and services including contract management, payment certification, and Quality Assurance Inspections.

Not wanting to rush into a “quick fix” suggestion, Tektum Consulting Group took the proper time to assess the ongoing problems and leaks at the Hotel and Convection Facility.  Additionally, a proper team of additional mechanical engineers to work in conjunction with each other in outlining possible solutions.  A thorough design and scope of work were prepared based upon the research and investigation information at hand to ensure the Owner’s that their continuing water infiltration concerns would be eliminated, and within the project budget that was set forth.


Collingwood, ON


November 2019 – January 2021


Hospitality / Commercial


Tektum Consulting Group Inc.


Cold Process Built-up and Gravel Roof System