The City of Welland ensures the Health & Safety of its workers and sustainable building practices are in place with a roof remediation project at the Public Works building.

The City took decisive action against the existing deteriorated roof system on their Public Works facility.  A comprehensive roof replacement project was employed on the 70,000 sq. ft. facility to ensure existing water infiltration concerns did not further impact the building integrity or the health and safety of its critical staff employed to keep the City’s fleet of emergency service vehicles in operation.  The roof replacement project further achieved an increase in the insulating value of the roof system which more than doubled the existing assembly. 


  • High Performance Roof System
  • Overall Project Costs within City’s Budget


A unique facility which houses a wide array of services and functions, the Public Works facilities new low slope roof assembly needed to provide a proper fit and remedy that would work with each distinct area of the building.  The City was looking to achieve the following key points:
  • Increased Thermal Resistance Value
  • Minimized disruption to the existing building operations.
  • Wind-up lift concerns due to large overhead garage door openings.
  • Improved roof access structures.
  • Overall project costs within budget constraints.
A design was, therefore, put in place to not only meet these requirements, but to exceed them. The completed new low slope roof system incorporated an increase in R-value almost 5 x that which was currently in place at the facility.  The reroofing system was additional designed with materials which are compatible with the existing system being replaced. This provided the City with an assurance that daily night seals and temporary tie-ins of the new to existing roof systems during the construction phase, would provide a safe and dry condition for those working side the facility.  A complete overhaul of the roof access ladders and stairways were implemented into the project scope ensuring these components meet current industry standards and codes.  To provide and meet all of these requirements required a considerable amount of planning – especially doing so while bringing the project in under budget.


Welland, ON


November 2019 – May 2020


Public / Institutional


Tektum Consulting Group Inc.


Hybrid (1-ply Base Sheet + 3-ply Type IV glass felt) Built-up Asphalt and Gravel Roof System.