Following years of roof leaks throughout their main office and warehouse areas, a large National Distribution Company needed a solution for the deficient roof assembly. Previous attempts to repair and retrofit the original roof system worsened the issue. With water leaking on electrical equipment and finished product, the client turned to Tektum for real solutions.


  • Provide a safe and dry work environment.

  • Limit damage occurring to existing steel deck.

  • Re-work to existing details left in a failed state.


The ability to keep functional a critical section of the client’s facility, approximately 25,000 sq. ft., was increasingly difficult.  Ongoing roof leaks were damaging the finished product and becoming a significant health and safety concern.  Roof leaks over the electrical panels and areas of the corroded steel deck were clear indications that remedial roof repairs were no longer an option.

With the employment of proper destructive testing and assessment tools, Tektum developed a comprehensive design and project parameters to ensure a permanent solution. The existing two roof systems were removed down to the steel deck and a new conventional built-up asphalt and gravel roof assembly was put in place.

Additionally, the following items ensured a professional project was completed and the Client’s needs accommodated:

  • Additional roof drains installed to help alleviate ponding water.
  • Tapered insulation backslopes.
  • Rebuilding of all existing parapet and expansion joint details.
  • Re-work to the existing electrical lines servicing roof top equipment.
  • Full interior tarping was in place to safeguard the Client’s staff and product throughout
    the roof replacement process.